Common Mistakes Done in CVs

Common Mistakes Done in CVs: Never put your full Address in your CV: It is a security threat. In the Current technological scenario, you put your addresses in your bank accounts, credit cards, passports, and […]

What Makes Managing Change Successful?

The top most reason why often change managers fail is because they often fail to manage the consequences of the change. Change is something that happen everyday, but we, the human beings, are most resistant […]

What is Business to me

Business is like playing a game in your computer. The more you play, the harder the levels become. At the end of the game, you either win, or you quit. When you quit the game, […]

Common reasons why you fail an interview

If you are one of those who are always wondering why the interview was a big failure, this post is for you When you fail an interview, cross check if the following occured with you: […]

When you should know it

We often pretend that we didn’t know the obvious, but there is a time when you should know the obvious and act accordingly. Now the question is, when you should know it. 1. When you […]

Pull Your Business Up – Part 2

In previous post, i talked about how you should think while deciding on your survival technique. In this issue, we will learn how to pull up a business that is doing fine. It’s more like a […]

Pull Your Business Up – part 1

Worried owners of maturing and declining businesses always ask one simple question. “How can my business survive?” Here is the answer. Survival technique does not have a common format or template. You need to assess your […]

Secret of Being the Best – ALWAYS!

  If you have a business, and if you are wondering how you will be the best in the market at all times, just follow these: Step 1: Ensure you have the best product in […]