KFC Meal for 2 at AEON BIG, Subang Jaya

KFC Meal for 2 at AEON BIG

If you tell me to name one thing that i love most about Kuala Lumpur is the awesome variety of food it offers at the cheapest possible price. This wonderful lunch meal for 2 is […]

Food in Dhaka Radisson Blu


The Radisson Blu buffet is one of the bests in Dhaka. They make the most amazing pastries and icecream. Will be uploading some of those very soon.

Baskin & Robin Ice Cream Cakes


A fridge full of Baskin & Robin ice cream cakes. Every time I pass through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2), this one little store of B&R invites me to rush in and take […]

Strawberries from KL


These were the sweetest strawberries that we had so far. Unbelievable! Strawberries are naturally fruits that grow in cold weather. The best strawberries grow in USA, Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Mexico. 50% of the total […]

Double Whooper Cheese, Burger King


The most yummy burger i have tried so far. Although many may not like Burger King, but their double whoopers always makes my day. And if it accompanied by cheesy wedgets and fires, MAKE IT […]

Malaysian Breakfast


The breakfast that i miss most. This is typical Malaysian breakfast, available every morning in every mamak. Horlicks Panas (Hot Horlicks), Telur Mata (Poched Egg), Roti Chanai (Parata), Dal, Chatney,Vegetable and French Toast. This is […]

Dates and dates

Madina Dates

This image was taken in Makkah, Saudia Arabia, at the Bin Dawood Stores, Shisha. The image contains various types of dates produced in Al Madina Al Munawara.

Lemon Tarts and Pastries