KLCC Twin Towers at Night


The night sky of Kuala Lampur is always blown up with the night light that is thrown from the Twin Towers. This view is wonderful. This image was taken from the Saffron Condo, at Sentul, […]

Double Whooper Cheese, Burger King


The most yummy burger i have tried so far. Although many may not like Burger King, but their double whoopers always makes my day. And if it accompanied by cheesy wedgets and fires, MAKE IT […]

Malaysian Breakfast


The breakfast that i miss most. This is typical Malaysian breakfast, available every morning in every mamak. Horlicks Panas (Hot Horlicks), Telur Mata (Poched Egg), Roti Chanai (Parata), Dal, Chatney,Vegetable and French Toast. This is […]