Common Mistakes Done in CVs

Common Mistakes Done in CVs:

Never put your full Address in your CV:
It is a security threat. In the Current technological scenario, you put your addresses in your bank accounts, credit cards, passports, and in so many other important places where this piece of little information becomes vital information to secure your activities. When you make this information public, you are actually giving away your private and confidential data to people whom you do not even know. Be careful.

Do not provide too much personal detail:
Companies need only your caliber, capability, knowledge and effort. They do not need to know your parents name, your religion, marital status etc. unless it is absolutely a requirement for the pre-selection. For example, for the position of an Imam or a Priest, the mosque or the church may need to know your religion, but a bank or a FMCG company never needs that piece of information, as your religion would not make any effect on your productivity. Rather, giving away this information may actually put you in the risk of being discriminated.

Too much job description:
When you become senior personnel, you may have too much experience with too many companies. You need not put all your experience details in your CV. A good company must know what is a “Project Manager” or what is a “Head of Marketing”. If they do not know what these positions do, they actually know nothing. Don’t even bother to seek for a job there.

Academic Details are not required for senior level jobs:
An experienced person is measured with his or her experience, not academic background that he left years ago. Just the passing years of your academic degrees and the name of the degree and the academy are sufficient.

Do not Use Bullet Points:
Bullets are used for killing only. Bullets in your CV will kill your possibility of getting called as well. Try to arrange all information in a chronological manner, with keywords, or short sentences containing maximum 5 words including articles, prepositions etc.and obviously you must use plenty of white space in the CV to let the eyes of the readers flow smoothly.

Never say, “References will be furnished upon request”. Honestly speaking, the employer knows it already. No need to remind them. An employer always knows that you will give references if they need it. And if you have put your references already, please let the people know that you have put their names on your CVs. If possible, provide your referees a copy of the JD and the Job Posting for which you have used their names. Also let them know that someone from so and so company may contact them for listening some good feedback about you.

Spelling and Grammar:
Please get it guaranteed that no good employer needs a person who does not even care to run the spell checker of Microsoft Word at least once while finalizing the CV. It is a clear sign of showing how careless you are as a person.


Hope these tips will help you. If you require a sample of how it can be done, you are welcome to write to me.


Cheers and Have a Great Job!

Ashique Mojumder.


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