Common reasons why you fail an interview

If you are one of those who are always wondering why the interview was a big failure, this post is for you

When you fail an interview, cross check if the following occured with you:

1) You were confident enough that you were the best.
2) You were not confident enough that you were one of the bests, with the possibility that there could be more than 1 person in the interview who were better than you.

3) You answered all the questions correct or incorrect, and pretended you know everything, and believed that all your answers were right.
4) You answered none of the questions correct, and you showed that you know nothing, but still believed that all your answers were right

5) You were prepared enough for the interview that you asked the interviewer “By the way, what is the position that I am being interviewed for?”
6) You were prepared enough that you forgot to take a look at the Site Map of the company’s official web site, which actually is a summary of all the major information that the company expects you to know before you enter the interview board.

7) Last but not the least, you forgot or didn’t have time to pray to Allah Subhanahu wata’ala so that you might pass.

    Checklist before starting from home

a) Polish your shoe
b) Wear a belt
c) Take a bath that morning
d) Wear ironed cloths
e) Wear cloths that make you look respectful
f) Brush you teeth, use mouthwash
g) Be clean, cut your nails, Etc.

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