Know What Bangladeshi Market Will Need in Future # Episode 01

In this series, i will tell you about a product or service that people in Bangladesh will need soon. In every episode, i will try to focus on a single new product or service. You may copy and paste ideas from this series, at your own risk, however.

In this episode i will talk about a service that perhaps none have ever thought of, but i tell you, you really needed it and it is just not there. This is the concept of an Islamic Hotel.

Majority of Bangladeshi people are Muslims.  Everyday many muslims visit this country, but almost all hotels here deals with haram things. Very soon, an Islamic Hotel will become an absolute neccessity for the muslim visitors to this country.

An Islamic Hotel has the following things:

01. A prayer room for males, and another for females.
02. An Imam and a Muaazzin
03. Halaal food and drinks.
04. Male stuffs everywhere, female stuffs only in those area that requires a female (e.g. security checking to women under niquab)
05. A copy of the Holy Qur’aan and other Islamic Books, Qibla Direction, Prayer Stage, etc. in every room
06. Cash and halal transactions only.
07. Clean environment. Dirty places are evil places.
08. Prices should be kind and just.
09. An Islamic Hotel must verify the identity of the woman accompanied by the guest in order to avoid evil relationships to happen.


An Islamic Hotel Does not have the following things:

01. Music in anywhere of the hotel
02. TV with evil channels (TV with Islamic contents may be allowed)
03. Swimming pool / health club that does not comply with the Shari’ah Law.
04. Haram foods and drinks
05. Female employees in open areas and in those works where interaction with males take place.
06. Credit Card and Riba based transactions.
07. Haram mixing of male and female (Guest to guest, guest to employee, employee to guest, and employee to employee)
08. Music, Evil TV channels, and all other forms of Haram Entertainment.

An Islamic Hotel will close the door to devil and will open the door to Halal investments and Barakah, InshaAllah. And Allah Knows the Best.

Reference:, Fatwa # 119222

2 thoughts on “Know What Bangladeshi Market Will Need in Future # Episode 01”

  1. Majority of Bangladeshi people are Muslim by name. Majority are living the Culture not the Religion (Islam). Yes our culture was based on the Islamic morals at a certain point of time in the past. But now more than ever we are adapting our Culture to the West. And Islam is pretty much getting wiped out. You want to talk about Islam, you are looked at as an Extremist.

    I guess what I want to say is we need to talk about Islam. Before your talk about such Islamic products. We need to talk about the very basics of Islam. We need to talk about what Islam represents foremost, “TRUTH”. People in Bangladesh take think it is their basic right to lie and Cheat! Lets talk about some product, way, media, something to create awareness of the basics of Islam among the general people of the country.

    1. Dear Shabbir,
      Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right. “Majority” of our people are living the culture, not the religion (Islam). But, it’s only the “Majority”, not “all”. 🙂
      There are still a lot of people in our country who practice the right thing. Businesses deal with segments and targeted audience. In this article, i am talking about the product only. Success of a business depends on a simple question “Do your target customers really need it?” Business strategies fall into a different topic.

      However, you are right Shabbir, may be right at this moment, people of our country do not need an Islamic Service, but in Future may be they will need it, and Allah knows the best.

      In response to your other suggestion, yes we should talk about Islam, we should let people know what Islam actually is. We may do that in a different blog, but for now, I am talking about only the Halal businesses that a Muslim can probably run in a Muslim Majority Country.

      Finally, thank you very much for coming into my blog and commenting. Keep coming back.
      Happy Blogging! 🙂

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