Some amazing facts about Bangladesh

Read these amazing facts about Bangladesh. You will like it.

1. Bangladesh is a land of young people. The median age of her population is 24.3 years, while the median for male is 23.8 and for female is 24.8 years. 89.1% population are below the age of 54 years.

2. When 104 baby boys take birth, 100 girl take the same. But when they grow old, for every 95 men overall, there remains 100 women. Hence, some men can still think of getting married multiple times. However, in the age bracket of 22 to 54 years, for every 90 men, there are 100 women waiting. If every man gets one wife, at least ten should be lucky enough to get their second.

3. Child marriage might be prevailing, but not many teen mothers. Although the mean age of first motherhood is 18.1 years in Bangladesh, the median falls in the range of 25 – 29 years. Good news for the Government.

4. Although they say 2 is enough, every 100 mother here gives birth to 245 children, which is quite close to 200.

5. For every 1000 young people between 15 to 24 years, only 93 are unemployed. Would you still think Bangladesh has an unemployment problem? May be not as big a problem as you thought. 

Source of Data: CIA World Fact Book. 2014 estimate.

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