Pull Your Business Up – Part 2

In previous post, i talked about how you should think while deciding on your survival technique. In this issue, we will learn how to pull up a business that is doing fine. It’s more like a […]

Agribusiness in Bangladesh – Part 3

Agribusiness Industry from a global perspective   As Plunkett Research Ltd reported, 2 billion metric tons of grains are produced yearly around the globe, along with 400 million metric tons of dairy products and 200 […]

Agribusiness in Bangladesh – Part 2

Newly developed technologies and processes related to Agribusiness   A research by an American Institute, The National Defense University Washington, reported that during the last 20 years, the technologies used by the agribusiness industry had […]

Agribusiness in Bangladesh – Part 1

Agribusiness in Bangladesh is perhaps the only business in the country that will never be lost in vein. The huge population of the country is a blessing in this case. The simplest theory of economics […]

Know What Bangladeshi Market Will Need in Future # Episode 01

In this series, i will tell you about a product or service that people in Bangladesh will need soon. In every episode, i will try to focus on a single new product or service. You […]

Why I Would Buy Your Product

Many businesses fail everyday, only because the managers do not know why a person will buy thier products. You being a manufacturer will always like your product, and will always percieve yours as the best […]

Future of Bangladesh

Nowadays, I am getting this question often from my surrounding pals. “What is the future of our country?”. To them, we don’t have any future. To me, yes we have. I am a Futurist. I […]